The Common Data Processing and Display Unit (CDPDU) is a data display and processing architecture built to open hardware and software standards. The CDPDU serves as one of the public faces of the M.A.R.I.N. and Arctic Perspective Initiative projects. As more CDPDUs are deployed, they aggregate into a network of data processing and display nodes, serving as both an interface to the public and a platform for dissemination for scientific and artistic research.
Descent is a parametric audiovisual canvas for exploring the relationships between pitch and rhythm. Gestures made on the canvas get translated into sound and visuals depending on their location in the canvas and the current state of the system. Gestures can also be stored in a series of banks for looping, transforming, and mixing in order to construct a overlapping waves of pattern.
Musculature explores computational techniques for banching and packing spatial forms, generating complex, sinewy forms without intersections.
Wave Forms make use of the notion in Geometric Algebra that geoemtric forms and subspaces can act as both objects and operators. They exists but they also transform in the mathematical sense. Here, the Geometric Algebras are used to generate fields of vortices through which particles advect and aggregate into intricate, flowing surfaces.