Course Description

The course explores the rich potential of computationally enabled media and technology based art. It conveys a blend of technique, strategy and context but is ultimately focussed on the pragmatics of production using the Max/MSP/Jitter software environment. Max is the predominant platform for interactive art-based research and performance. For the artist, it is both the Swiss army knife and the Lego of digital media technologies. Not only does it connect everything from video processing, sound synthesis, device interaction, 3D rendering, networking and scripting languages, it is itself a visual programming language with which almost any systematic mapping or logic of interactions and behaviors can be composed.

Background theory in the nature of image, sound and spatial form along with their underlying representations in digital technology and their diverse cultural expressions will be combined freely with creative methods to compose systems that analyze, synthesize, process and control them. Exemplary works across the spectrum of possibilities will be shown, which we will analyze and reconstruct in lab sessions. Students will learn how to use Max to produce and present works as well as how to employ it as a link in a larger production tool chain.

There will be multiple small projects throughout the term in order to develop individual skills, confidence and imagination to compose an original final project. Final projects will be take on one of the following forms: interactive installation, virtual world, augmented reality projection, generative design tool, or abstract audiovisual composition, or some other creative project based on class discussion.

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